Conquering Type

I am trying to conquer ” I don’t know anything about type ” and actually explore it a little further, have fun with it , get comfortable around each other , and  find ways for us to become friends . So I took type out to my desk and we started playing  , and we are actually starting to enjoy each others company a little better and I opened my eyes to all the fun 3D ways type can be explored, and the things it can be made of .

This all started with my logo, and now again with ” click ”

I get a lot of my ideas while going out for a run and admiring the beautiful Savannah tress. So as I was jogging this morning , thinking about the beautiful ” click ” and of ways of building it , I noticed some foliage that almost made the letter K , so I picked one up held it up in my hand for a couple of miles till I finished my jog. When I went home I  roughly sketched out  some ideas and looked around the room for ways to make the rest of the letters. Then I went on to constructing them. Here are some process Iphone photos i took along the way:



After I was satisfied with how it turned out I took it to the studio to try to set up the light and take better photos.


and here is my finished ” click ” after I photoshopped  the white seamless out of the background :


Want to see my ” Click ” in action ? visit : 


Getting Crafty

earlier this year one of my sisters got engaged and had her wedding on June 2nd. I wanted to give the happy couple a present to celebrate this very happy occasion. However, I knew  I wanted to give them something that I made , something timeless, and unique.

I found this candle from Inglow ;

They looked, smelt , and felt like real candles. However, they are flameless  battery operated candles that even have a 5 hour timer on them.

I took 2 of these candles to my studio; a little bit of magic, a little bit of paint, a few different  techniques , and a whole  lot of love annnddd –  there they are:



Everything is flat onto the candle surface except for the arms , they are raised and extended beyond the candle surface to enable the 2 candles to always hold hands.

Just like these timeless candles, may the  love and bond that  these two share  last forever. I love you both very much !

Hello world !

I am finally doing this, I am  starting a new blog. I have had another blog for years, however, I was ready to move on to something new , something more “ grown up ” .  This move is my attempt to become a better blogger and to regularly update !! wish me luck ,  sit back , and enjoy the work  .

In celebration of my ” new blog day ” , I would like to announce that  I recently won first place at the SCAD library bookmark competition. I am pretty excited because they printed out my image and are giving them away in all SCAD libraries ( Savannah, Atlanta , and Hongkong). Here is the link to the site :


Here is a picture of the book mark after the library added the type and got it printed :