Getting Crafty

earlier this year one of my sisters got engaged and had her wedding on June 2nd. I wanted to give the happy couple a present to celebrate this very happy occasion. However, I knew  I wanted to give them something that I made , something timeless, and unique.

I found this candle from Inglow ;

They looked, smelt , and felt like real candles. However, they are flameless  battery operated candles that even have a 5 hour timer on them.

I took 2 of these candles to my studio; a little bit of magic, a little bit of paint, a few different  techniques , and a whole  lot of love annnddd –  there they are:



Everything is flat onto the candle surface except for the arms , they are raised and extended beyond the candle surface to enable the 2 candles to always hold hands.

Just like these timeless candles, may the  love and bond that  these two share  last forever. I love you both very much !


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