Conquering Type

I am trying to conquer ” I don’t know anything about type ” and actually explore it a little further, have fun with it , get comfortable around each other , and  find ways for us to become friends . So I took type out to my desk and we started playing  , and we are actually starting to enjoy each others company a little better and I opened my eyes to all the fun 3D ways type can be explored, and the things it can be made of .

This all started with my logo, and now again with ” click ”

I get a lot of my ideas while going out for a run and admiring the beautiful Savannah tress. So as I was jogging this morning , thinking about the beautiful ” click ” and of ways of building it , I noticed some foliage that almost made the letter K , so I picked one up held it up in my hand for a couple of miles till I finished my jog. When I went home I  roughly sketched out  some ideas and looked around the room for ways to make the rest of the letters. Then I went on to constructing them. Here are some process Iphone photos i took along the way:



After I was satisfied with how it turned out I took it to the studio to try to set up the light and take better photos.


and here is my finished ” click ” after I photoshopped  the white seamless out of the background :


Want to see my ” Click ” in action ? visit : 


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