A different kind of love

A while ago I did the Stop Motion class, which was just great ! The class was mainly about puppet making, character development, the different ways of making an armature , and mold making. It was a lot of fun and very informative. We then had a weekend to explore stop motion a bit , and play around with making the those puppets. It was so over whelming , so exhausting , and yet so thrilling to see those little puppets walking around and taking over the stage.

My story was inspired by Roald Dahl’s “The Twits ” , the idea of this ugly dissfunctional couple who in some odd ways love each other .

Here is the sketch :


So even tho  Billy Bob and Betty Lou , are  a very grumpy  ugly couple ( especially Betty Lou ) ,  live in run down place, don’t have a lot of money , however, they find joy in playing pranks on each other.

It was especially fun making the characters and their home since it all had to be a big mess. I deliberately was trying to make their skin look dirty and infectious, their clothes torn and their house dirty with spider webs and piles of dirty dishes in the sink.







Now I can’t claim that this is any great work , when I do a new thing I like to just explore and push my limits and see where it will all go, which makes it really fun and exciting to me , and such a great learning experience. I would for sure try to give this all another try and explore mold making and stop motion further something.

Here is my little film :



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