Happy place…

Every night I would wake up to the sobbing and crying of a little girl , but when I got out of bed , the crying would stop. I thought I finally found a Savannah ghost , they really do exist !! However, I came to discover that it was only ‘ Krayola’  , crying every single night. She wasn’t happy playing on her swing anymore .



We had a long talk the next day , she said that she  really really wanted a ” shining , sparkly golden crown”  because she’s a princess. That she HATES the color blue, because it makes her cry  . I tried to reason with her at first, and  ignore her cries for a long time, but little girls can be awfully sassy at times, so i finally gave in, and gave her everything she wanted it- I just hope I won’t regret it !! she got her crown , a new colorful dress, and some funky pants. she even got some flowers hanging off her swing.


Now that Kroyla got what she waned , I wasn’t happy with  a few other elements of this piece , so while she was happy again  playing  on her swing , I went along with doing even more changes  ; the backgrounds, cloud, tress, and some touch ups here and there.

This is what I got :




I didn’t mean to do all these changes, they just happened ! Actually, the redo is a lot closer to the original concept I had intended.

Kryola is in her happy place now , and no matter what’s going on somehow , the light is shining right above her head,  making her smile .


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