working on Where Bears Dance

It’s been a while since I posted here , a lot has happened the past couple of months that kept me really busy. However, I’m back again with a lot more energy and lots of new exciting projects on the way.

First off, I wanted to post about my MFA graduation show that was last November 2012 , in Savannah GA. My expireance at SCAD has been just amaizing and the show just put a great end to it all. The show was a collaberation with the phenomenal illustrator Malina Omut , I couldn’t have shared it with a better partner ! Even though this entire thing seemed like a nightmare at times it was still great fun.

Here are some of the process photos of building the frames, and working hard day & night to have everything ready on time :)

IMG_6665 IMG_6623 IMG_6570 IMG_6566 IMG_6554 IMG_6544 IMG_6543 IMG_6518 IMG_6509 IMG_6488 IMG_6490 IMG_6484 IMG_6456 IMG_6455 IMG_6443 IMG_6424 IMG_6567 IMG_6554 IMG_6544


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